We are a prophouse and our partners are movie productions, photographers and museums.
Most of our objects and documents are from Germany of the 20th century.
Arround 700 objects and documents of our props are even older.
Main fields of our collections are World War 2, the German post World War 2 period and the US Occupation Zone of Germany, the 1950th, techniques, aeronautical 1900 to 1970.
Alltogether, we can fall back on around 40.000 genuine documents and original objects on history.
Exhibitions on themes of the German post WW2 period, we can realise in most cases at once, others in many cases in just one month.
Our workshops make it possible, to produce authentical copies or dummies for movie making. For simple photcopies or scans of documents we ask 8,- per page.

There are some central themes in our collection of documents and objects. This are the German post WW2 time, air exploration, 2nd World War, social history, techniques and the German currencies.

Most of our items are not for sale at all. All prieces directly mentionend in the lists are rental prices, which differ by the use of the objects (please see the terms).
For photographers and movie making, the price is due per day on the set. For museums it is payable per every started month, provided that our objects are safely secured in show cases.
If items are for sale, they are allways marked with the trolly symbol. If You click on this logo an extra window openes and shows the sales price, the amount available and a link to the order form.