Props and archive of stocks up only original objects and documents on history for the use of movie productions and
museum exhibitors.
Our focus is on social history and developement of technics in Germany sind the 19th century. In this fields, we are very strong in aeronautics , space exploration, the German life after Word War 2 and personal documents & id-cards. We offer production of reproductions for movie making purpose.
Our prophouse owns around 40.000 rare and exceptional objects.

Telephon: 0049 6035 1403

Our workshops are ready to work with nearly all materials, what allows the production of replicas and dummies for movie making, but also the realising of new ideas.

electrical lottery drum

electrical lottery drum für for show with talkmaster Kai Pflaume und soccer champion Rudi Völler

material wood und acrylic glass, powered by a tube engine in the ball centre, height around 150cm.
own developement and production within 14 days after order.

Viking helmet

Viking helmet

material sheet steel, leather and stag horns
production and delivery within 4 hours after an unprepared order.

Telephon: 0049 6035 1403

museum's exhibitions

We are specialist for German history of the 20th century and can realise exhibitions on all events of the contempary history of this period in a very short space of time, as we can fall back on our own existing fund of original documents and objects. So two years of developing an own exhibition will shrink down to a few month, in same cases to less than one month.

Direct available are the follwing exhibitions, that allready have been shown successfully:
Profilm - Professional Resourcing of Film, Image, Logistic, Management

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