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English USA American woman's flying magazine United Staates of America
Mary Aikins wins women's 1964 aerobatic chamionship
October 2nd
German Bulgaria, Maria Atanasowa unidentified newspaper London
The Bulgarian female airline captain Maria Atanassova (35 years) was flying with her Iljuschin aircraft from Sofia to London, she was assisted by a male co-pilot.
October - no further date
German Bulgaria German magazine 'Kristall' Maria Atanasowa Iljuschin 18, Sofia, Bulgaria, Tarom
Maria Atanasowa, 36, the Bulgarian airline 'Tarom' and the first European woman with a licence for heavy jet-aircrafts, -after 10000 hours in the air and an piloted distance of 3 million Kilometers- suffers under an additional burden, not touching male pilots. Wherever she is landing with her Iljuschin 18 turbo-prop aircraft and up to 90 passengers, so she says, 'people stare at me as if I would be the eighth world-wonder, press-, radio- and tv reporter asking me thousands of questions. Never-the-less 'Manni', as her colleagues are calling her, does not think on giving up piloting. 'I am married to flying', the single woman Maria, who lives in Sofia in a two-room-apartment, ' and I love flying for my life.'
Januar 28
German Bulgaria German newspaper of Rosenheim Maria Atanasowa Iljuschin 18, Sofia, Bulgaria, Tabso
Who ever beleaved, in the cockpit of big airplanes are only men, was taught better. The Bulgarian airline Tabso represented the onliest female airline-captain, who commands an international operating turbo-prop aircraft. It is airline-captain Antanossova.
A big meeting of femal pilots was planned. But only Elly Beinhorn-Rosemeyer, the famous German pilot of the 1930 did appeare. Airline-captain Hanna Reitsch could not come. She will reurning from Africa not before end of January.
Maria Antanossova, the youngest of 4 daughters of a farmer near of Plovdiv, demonstrated together with EllyBeinhorn, that women could handle aircrafts as well as men.
Maria Antanossova, who will bring German tourists this summer to the Bulgarian tourist places along the Black Sea, is looking back on 17 years piloting without accidents. Eight years, she was flying a domestic IL-14 airline, before she was changing to international routes on an IL-18 turbo-prop. Modest the slim dark haired single woman answers on the question on her further planes, she does not want anything else, but bringing the passengers, who beleaved in her, to their aims and staying airline-captain, what would be her profession and dream as well.