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April 2nd
German France, Germany unidentified newspaper France, Germany, Neustadt
From the occupied area
A French lighthouse in the Pfalz area. Neustadt a.d.H, the French High Command plans to build a lighthouse on our airfield, which shall have lightpower equivalent to some million candles.
day not given not given
German Germany unidentified newspaper Germany
The association of former members of the German airforce (Verein ehemaliger Angehöriger der Fliegertruppen - Fliegerkampfverband) will participate in the culture club the foundation ceromony of the steelhelmet association (Stahlhelmbund) an Friday
day not given not given
German Great Britain unidentified newspaper Felixtown, Great Britain
A huge seaplane was succesfully tested in Felixtown. It has an engine with 3000 hp what allows 160km/h over ground. The airplane is meant to accompany Navy ships..
August 25th
German Spain Daily Express Alhucema, Ryfkabyls, Spain, Tanger
as the Daily Express reports, did a Spanish battleship evacuate all people from the Alhucema island, who had ben wounded whilst the attack of the Ryfkabyls. Amoung the evacuated was the military commander, who is seriously insured. But the Spanish authorities are not concerned about the security of the remainig people. The Spanish airforce is now bombing the villages, from where the Ryfkabyles attacked Alhucema island. Spanish airplanes also attacked Ajdir.
June 10th
German France, Germany unidentified newspaper France, Germany, Schmidtheim
New French airfield in occupied German area: as reported does the French Government plan to establish a new airfield close to Schmidtheim in the French occupied zone of Germany. For that reason, hills must be planed, stone pits must be closed and 680.000 mē valuable acricultural county is taken of farming, so this region of livestock farming depends very much on this meadows and farmlands.
December 17th
German Bolivia, Germany German newspaper from Nürnberg Aero LLoyd, Mayor Bilbao, Bolivia, Caudron, Cochabamla, Germany, La Paz, Sucre
The Bolivian airfield of La Paz is with 4091 m above sea level the highest placed airfield of the word. It needs, as Mayor Bilbao explanes, high concentration and much skills, to start and land the here stationed military Caudron aircrafts under that condition of low airpreasure and unexpected windinfluences, especially as the coldness during wintertime is comperable to Sibiria. Building the airfield was extrem problematic and had cost 3 times that much as an airfield in Europe and caused many accidences, some even with deadly results.
So civil flying is very important for a country of this size and with undeveloped road-connections, there are yet near to no airconnections in Bolivia. Only the German airline Aero Lloyd Bloivia is serving the connection Cochabamla - Sucre.