More than 500.000 newspaper publications since 1909 are waiting to be discovered!

We hold archives on the history of aircrafts and pilots, beginning around 1909, when winged aircraft began to improve.
An old Chinese proverb says, 'every big building started with a small brick'. So every work has to start with the small step of a beginning.
We have to ask You for much patience, as it will take many years, before our work will be completed.
But this now is the first step, a small step for mankind, but a giant step for me.

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Nearly all documents, we will show, are in German language, but short notes are translated into English, from longer reports we give a short English summary and show the genuine German note !

Military flying is registered as civil project, when it was not subject to military duties. For example, in the early days of flying, many military pilots took part with military aircrafts on civil championships and air races, what gives it the civil touch. Or constructing and building military aircrafts is subject to civil companies.

pilotin Marga von Etzdorf Our website will give you further information on WW1 and WW2 pilots and aircrafts, goggles, head gears, licences, historic books and documents.
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